Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Electric Eyes Part 2

I previously blogged about 'Freshwater' eyeshadow by MAC.  Today I created a new 'electric' eye-look using a blend of 'Freshwater' and 'Parfait Amour' - While Feshwater is a unique electric blue/turqoise shade - Parfait Amour is a true royal violet purple shade. I decided to have some fun with this look - I blended Freshwater and Parait Amour and then lined my eyes with Industry eyeliner.  I blended Parfait Amour into the top liner and 'Freshwater' into the bottom lash line - It created a very interesting 'bright' effect.  Check it out:

I decided to go for a less coral lip this time and focus on a shimmery peach-nude lip instead - I used Hover Lipliner by MAC and Blonde Venus lipstick by NARS - I then used 'expensive pink' eyeshadow and dabbed it right into the centre of my lips.
For my blush, I stuck with my favourite 'Coppertone' with Torrid (by Nars) blended in for a pop of colour.

I'm loving creating the bright-jeweled eye look - its a lot of fun!!!


Ranger said...

Interesting, especially comparing this picture to the most recent ones with the bright coral lip colour! Just my opinion, but I think the soft lip colour fades out the strength of your natural colours, and a brighter colour might make your eyes pop even more? So interesting how you use a very similar picture each time with different colour effects, it makes it much easier to look and compare and see how different colours work. I'm learning a lot here!

Bree said...

Lips too warm and soft... Eyes way too cool. You're a pretty girl, stay away from those shades ;)