Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy Coral

I have to admit that yes, I've been on a coral craze lately!!! I've been trying to find a way to wear an uber-bright coral lipstick and balance my eyemakeup with enough depth, without going too bright as well - I wanted the look to be balanced between smokey cat eyes and bright lips.  I didn't want to go with grey's or soft black shades on the eye - I wanted the end result to be on the warmer side, but still fairly neutral.  I think that a bright shade like coral looks the most 'elegant' and 'classy' with neutral shades on the eyes - the key is not to look like you've just escaped the circus!!!

On the eyes, I used Motif eyeshadow as a base and then again on the lip and blended 'Embark' into the crease and also into my eyeliner (I smudged it into the top lashline)
To line my eyes, I used 'Coffee' eyeliner by MAC and finished the look off with some black mascara
I didn't want my blush to fight with my eyes or lips, so I kept it in the peachy coral family by using my trusted 'Coppertone' blush by MAC
On my lips, I used none other than 'Vegas Volt' lipstick by MAC
Note:  Later on that day I played around with Vegas Volt and found the 'perfect' lip combination (I'll have to blog about it soon) - I've been really into mixing different liners and even adding light peach/coral blushes and eyeshadows to the centre of the lip (it also locks in the lipstick and makes it last a lot longer)!  ANyhow, I ended up lining my entire lip with 'Hover' lipliner, then layering on Vegas volt (it tones down the coral and makes it very wearable for daytime) - I then added 'Motif' into the cente of my lip and blended it into the lipstick - the end result was simply stunning (I wish I took a picture because it worked so well with the eyes - I guess I'll just have to re-create the look another time):


Ranger said...

You wear the coral colour so well, I'm thoroughly jealous ;) I'm somewhere in the middle of a warm soft autumn/light spring, not clearly in any one group and balancing warmth is something I spend a lot of time trying to figure out. I'd love to know what you think about light neutral eye shadows, and the balance between yellow based creams/tans and brown based, if you ever get inspired to do a post on eye shadows and eye/lip balance. Thank you for another interesting post!

Renata said...

Hey Ranger - Thanks for your feedback. If you're in the warm autumn/light spring range, you are very lucky - I'm planning on doing a post about 'warm' shades for autumns, as they wear more muted warm tones than their clear sisters. In the meantime, try these shades from MAC, you fall instantly in love with them and you will find that they are neutral yet warm on the eyes and will balance with various lipclours: Cork eyeshadow is a great as a neutral crease colour, along with 'Saddle' and if you want a really neutral eye try combining 'Brule' as a base with 'Era' - for a more dramatic look, I think 'Amber Lights' would look amazing!!!

Renata said...

Ranger - I meant to add,why don't you try wearing the corals, but mute them down with varous lipliners - try spice or chichory lipliner by mac and they layer the colour on top!!!