Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Face of Chanel

I am always in awe of the various Chanel ads - the models are stunning and they capture the true essence of sophistication and elegance.  Chanel has inspired so many people - her clothes and statement peices are timeless, her makeup-line is fantastic (the products are so creamy, smooth and a delight to wear) and her perfumes are distinct and feminine!  The women who have gaced the Chanel ads carry this same femininity and distinct charm, so here is a little tribute to the "Faces of Chanel":

Russian Model Natalia Vodianova was the face for the 2008 Spring Make-up ad - The emphasis was on the 'auroura blue' eyeshadow shades.  Natalia's look is soft and cool - so the shades really work well on her.  I love how her eye-makeup look is very cat-like with a softer pink-nude lip.

The model in the Chanel 2009 fall/autumn ad looks stunning.  I was actually in Strassburg, France when this line came out and puchased the lipstick this model is wearing - its called 'Amusing' and its such an amazing colour - a rose shade with warm undertones - I think its a colour that would work for many skintones.  I love how this Model's face captures the shades she is wearing so well - yet, they still appear soft and feminine - a look Chanel loved to create - its all about the tomboyish sex appeal!!!

One of the most famous and well known Chanel ads is with Catherine Deneuve, the face of Chanel No.5.  Catherine is the essenece of French allure and appeal - She inspired so many women and even Francois Nars was inspired to name his famous "Belle deJour' Lipstick after her role in the iconic French film.  I'm sure Chanel sold many No.5 perfumes after this ad came out!

I think that one of my most favourite Chanel ads is the most current one - Spring 2011.  This model is truely stunning - she makes these warm spring shades 'glow' - her look has that timeless ethereal appeal.  I think her face really captures that 'je ne sais quois' look we are all after - this is what pretty makeup is all about - soft, appealing, chic!

Keira Knightly was the perfect pick for Chanel's Mademoiselle perfume ad - she definitely has that tomboyish sex appeal and she really brings to life the beauty of being a feminine and sensual 'Mademoiselle' - I love how this ad is very sexy, yet her look is soft and innocent - very 'French'!!!

Nicole Kidman became the face for the new No.5 scent - I have always admired her light strawberry blond mane and porcelin skin - she gives this ad a lightness and softness that gives the perfume a more innocent, flirty and feminine appeal.  I really like the look she captures for the new No.5

Vanessa Paradis has that ultimate soft and feminine look.  She is the face of the new Rouge Coco Lipstick line - after this ad came out, women rushed to buy the lipstick she's wearing in this ad (which is the shade 'mademoiselle').  She captures true elegance and femininity.  The thing I love about her face in this ad is that she has this look that says "I look innocent, but I'm not" - I love it!!!

I love his Chanel look - its full of passion and captures the beauty and warmth of the gold and bronze shades. I love how the sexy,earthy eye make-up is balanced with a warm rose lip shade.

Last but not least, the Chanel Winter 2010 look was simply divine.  The shades are light, cool yet crisp, with a subtle smokey eye and light pink lips.  I love how the smokey eye is not over-done, but still played up - the look is soft yet fun!

One thing that really comes through in the Chanel ads is the 'Face' that captures the look - the models all have that soft, ethereal, sexy yet innocent appeal.  I think this really brings to light what Chanel was all about and I'm happy to see that this French 'Je ne sais quois' is still alive in Chanel's modern makeup world.

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