Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jeans Shirts, Dresses and Blazers

When you hear the words denim or jeans, most people automatically think of their favourite pair of comfy pants.  However, there is so much versatility when it comes to denim - but the key is not to 'over-do' it - you don't want to go 'jean crazy' wearing it head to toe (although, with the right mix of denim shades and other materials layered in, I have seen this look work very well).  I like classic styles and I wanted to pay a little tribute to the various ways you can add demin to your wardbrobe:

The jean shirt is such a classic American look - I love it!!!  I purchased a jean shirt from the GAP about a year ago and its such a staple in my closet - I love wearing it open with a white top underneath or layered under a navy sweater with the denim cuffs exposed - its my go to preppy-look!!!

Sienna Miller apparently likes her jean shirt too - I love how she'swearing it with a grey top underneath and with a similar grey-denim pant.  I think that when you layer various denim shades, the look is casual but not overdone!

The spring/summer months is when you want to pull out that jean shirt, especially if its got the 3/4 sleeves - one of my favourite looks for the warmer months is a 3/4 sleeve jean shirt with white jeans or pants - its such a chic look and if you pair it with a classic pair of silver hoop earings, you look turns from casual into casual-chic!!!  I also really like the look of a classic white shirt with a jean blazer layered on top - again, its casual/classic, but add those extra accessories and details and you've just created a really urban-chic style!

The thing that I love about jean shirts and dresses is that you can just throw them on or layer them with something uber-casual and it gives your look such a classic feel!  I often glance through magazines to see how celebrities are wearing certain looks.  I love how Blake Lively is wearing your little jean dress with a pair of black pumps - its so casual-classic, yet sexy all at the same time.  Having a pair of killer legs definitely helps!!!!!!!!

The jean shirt layered with shorts is the perfect for a fresh summer day - when its not too hot and not too cool.  I also 'love' white jeans for summer - they are so classic and you can really play them up or play them down - accessories and how you choose to wear them can really be asset when you're wearing denim - it can take your look from everyday-sloppy to classic to bohemian to sexy - its all up to you and how you choose to express your style!!!

I love shirt-dresses - they are so feminine and pretty.  The jean shirt-dress is equally as feminine!  I love the whole notion of combining the romantic-appeal of a dress with a more casual material like denim!  I especially like this particular picture because it shows just how essential the belt is for this look to work - I Love it - the look is so pretty and cheerfull !!!

Here is another example of how to work the jean-dress - this looks seems to take it up a notch - I love the silver studded belt and the detail on the cuff - this look is still classic, but it has that extra edge and sassiness!!!

Finally, I had to add something about the jean blazer because its another classic way to add denim.  I particularily like when the jean blazer is darker, almost desguised as a navy blazer.  I thinks its a great way to add demin in a more sophisticated way - blazers are always classic and be layered with pants, shirts or dresses. 

Jeans are great and the best part is, denim and jeans go way beyond pants and jean shorts - I love the look of jean shirts, jean dresses and blazers - they add that balance of casual-chic.  Denim can really be played up and accessorized, so don't be afraid to 'play up' your jean look and most importantly, make it work for you!!!


Bree said...

While you look pretty in this look, I still can't forget about you in the orange lip and top. To me, that was the best. I don't think you're an SS, even though you can pull it off. Would love to see you try some SA colours too, for comparison. I think the muted colours mute you, thus making you appear more like a SS. In the oranges, though, all I could see was how stunning you looked!

Renata said...

Thanks for the feedback Bree - I will play around with the SA colours a bit - I think I can pull off the orange/corals really well, but I think a lot of people picked SS because its very natural looking and combines some warmer shades as well - I'm thinking of getting highlights to see if the look will work for me - what do you think?