Sunday, March 20, 2011

NARS Honolulu Honey

I think Honolulu Honey deserves its own post - I remember reading a while ago an interview where Francsois Nars was openly talking about his line of makeup and spoke specifically about 'Honolulu Honey' - I didn't think I would find the interview again, but I did - here is the part where he talks about this amazing nude lipcolour:

What is your single most-used makeup item?

FN: "NARS Cosmetics Satin Lipstick in Honolulu Honey. This beigey-nude shade has been used in countless shoots, shows and ads. This shade also launched with the original 12 shades at Barneys. It is a perfect warm nude because it has just the right amount of yellow and pink. The combination of shades along with its sheer finish makes it ideal for all skin tones."
I decided to do a look with Honolulu honey that's more of a day look.  I kept my eyes in the earthy, natural tones (motif and embark by MAC with coffee eyeliner) and used Coppertone Blush.

Here I am wearing Honolulu honey on its own - no lipliner or anything else blended in - I took this picture because I wanted you to be able to see the colour in its raw form. 

I personally like to blend HH with a nice peachy-coral lipliner - my absolute 'Favourite' lipliner to acheive this look is Chicory by MAC - I lined my lips with Chicory first and then blended HH on top!  I think this is a very classic day look - it gives just enough colour and sticking with the peachy neutral tones adds just enough warmth!!!
There is something to be said about Honolulu Honey if its been used in countless photo-shoots and ads - if Francsois Nars calls it his single most used product, there is a reason - its stunning and beautiful.  If you're looking for a nice everyday neutral, light peachy toned lipcolour - this is for you!!!


Bree said...

Hi, Bree again... I'm sorry, my comment wasn't supposed to go to this post... anyways... I like the shadows in this post better, but I think you'd be better off with a more contrasty look? Say, a darker liner, for example.

And without a doubt a stronger lip. Pale lips only suit light seasons, IMHO.

Ranger said...

VERY pretty colour! I've ordered several of the soft lipsticks you suggested and can't wait to try them out. I found another very similar one in the MAC range to the ones you suggested called 'Hug Me', which is a softer and slightly browner version of the pink 'Please Me', which looks quite similar to the Honolulu Honey.

Renata said...

Awesome - Can't wait until you get them and start playing around with the colours - I look forward to hearing how you like them! Hug Me is a great colour!!!