Saturday, March 26, 2011

My naked Face

In a 'final' attept to discover what some of my best colours are and to determine my skin tone once and for all (cool, warm, neutral) and season, I've decided to take a picture of myself in the most natural light as possible, wearing 'zero' makeup.  I've actually had some e-mail requests to do this as well - it just took me a while to get the courage to sport the true 'le no makeup look'.   I'm really eager and excited to hear your feedback and comments:

Some of the things that I noticed right off the bat is how 'grey' my eyes really are - they are actually a grey-green shade and when I magnified them, there are a few amber flecks right in the centre, but the dominant colour is 'grey' - also my lips have a natural plum-rose tone to them and it seems to me that my skin-tone really does have a pink-beige tone to it vs olive (which is what I originally thought).  My own feeling is that
'clear' may not be my 'best' season, but that I am in fact a 'cool winter' - but, as I mentioned before, I'd love to hear your opinions and get your feedback!!!


Gina said...

Wow! At the risk of sounding insulting (and I'm not), you are a woman who needs very little makeup! I know you love cosmetics (as I do), but I'd encourage you to really play with a very natural/no makeup look because you honestly don't need it. A bit of lip color is something that most of us need. Maybe a bit of mascara... but honestly, I'd say that you should really opt for minimal makeup because you have great features and great bone structure. Your skin is great as well.

Renata said...

Thanks Gina - that's a wonderful compliment - I didn't take it in an insulting way at all - Its always been hard for me to try the natural/minimal makeup look - but I'll consider giving it a go! The more I look back at my photos with the intense makeup, the more I see how it actually does nothing for me!!! Thanks for the tip and advice!!!