Saturday, March 5, 2011

Electric Blue

I recently got some great advice about my color analysis and trying out the 'clear' winter colours!  It was also suggested to me to try a 'deep electric blue' shade!  Electric blue just so happens to be one of my favourie colours and it has 'always' looked good against my skintone!  I'm going to start playing around with some more clear colours, but in the meantime, here is a little tribute to the awesome 'electric blue' colour - be warned, this colour is not for the faint of heart - when you wear it, it screams confidence and power!!!

I think this dress is 'amazing'!  This is the dress you wear when you want people to say "who is that woman"?  Its the perfect way to add 'electric blue' into your wardrobe because you can really make it work for you based on the accessories you use - add a scarf, belt, gold or silver hoop earings or go more dramatic with diamond studs and pendant!  I want this dress!!!

The fashion world doesn't shy away from colour and either should we!  If you don't want to go full-out 'electric' but love the colour, try adding one peice at a time or if the colour is too clear and bright for you, move into more of a 'teal' blue tone!

I love how the electric blue is mixed with a vintage feel - this dress is so classic and vintage 50's - I also 'love' the accessories - that clutch and those shoes are simply divine!!!

One way to wear 'Electric Blue' without worrying about how flashy it is, is to wear it to a gala type event!  I think this would be the perfect prom-dress colour!!!  Jessica Alba looks so regal in this dress - the bright blue shade doesn't overpower her, but it does scream 'colour' - I think that if you're a confident, secure, empowered woman, you could easy own and 'rock' this look!!!

I love, love, love this coat!  Sarah Jessica Parker has never been shy about style and colour and she really works this coat.  If you really look at the photo, you'll see how she has matching 'electric blue' pumps! I think this coat is very elegant and the colour really makes it unique and one of a kind!

Here is Sarah Jessica Parker again, this time working the 'bright' electric blue - it looks fabulous!  I can't say that I particularily like this style, but I 'Love' the colour!!!

Perhaps wearing an electric blue dress or top is out of your comfort zone and that is totally fine - it doesn't mean you have to totally give up on the colour if you like it - instead try adding a spash of colour with yor accessories - this purse is a classic example of how to wear a colour you love without going 'full-force' in your face colour!

Shoes and boots are another way to add a spash of colour without going 'overboard' - I am completely in 'Love' with these boots and shoes - Electric blue is not one of those colours that you want to be seen in wearing head to toe (unless you want to be refered to as smurfette) -  so if you don't want to wear electric blue clothing or if you're looking for a way to add some pizzaz to an outfit, go for a killer boot or shoe in this colour!!!

I adore sexy, smoldering eye-makeup!  If you aren't afraid of going more dramatic with your eyes, try adding some 'electric blue' shades to your eyemakeup palette and blend it in with a deep navy or black liner!  I love the eyeliner 'Blooz' by MAC and 'Contrast' eyeshadow for this look - its a great way to add blues to your makeup!!!

Last but not least, if you're a true fan of electric blue and really want to 'Stand Out' - go for the electric blue sports car convertable - Can you imagine pulling into an event in this car, wearing a stunning 'electric blue' evening gown?  The world will be your oyster!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that you enjoyed my tribute to this 'electrifying' colour!  I'm so glad this colour was suggested to me because it truly is one of my favourites!!!!

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