Saturday, March 19, 2011

Softer Lips and Cheeks

I'm a very 'intense' person - its part of my personality and seems to fit the makeup colours I choose.  However, sometimes I like to take a break and go for a softer look.  Also, in my last post about colours for 'Soft Autumns/Springs' - I offered a few suggestions for a neutral eye and how to balance it with different lipsticks and blushes - this post is an 'add-on' to that previous post.  I wanted to suggest a few more lipstick and blush shades, but more for the 'Soft' colour type - you're notice that the colours are not very rich and most of the shades of very sheer, so its perfect if you don't want too much colour!

I absolutely love this lipstick shade - its called 'Baby Peach' by Bobbi Brown and its THE perfect 'light soft peach' shade - if you just want a swipe of soft colour before you leave the house, this lipstick is for you! 

2 other 'Soft' shades that I really like are Carnation and Salmon by Bobbi Brown (Carnation is on the left and Salmon is pictured on the right) - These shades are perfect if you're a soft colour type!!!  Carnation is a warm soft pink and Salmon is a light, soft peach - I'm also a big fan of blending lipstick colours - often the most interesting colours that I've created have been a mix of 2 or 3 shades (plus a dab of my favourite peachy eyeshadow or blush on top to set in the colour).  If you have a colour at home that you like but find has too much pigment, use a softer shade like salmon or carnation to blend into that colour - it will soften it right up and make your original lipstick wearable again!!!

MAC makes a blush called 'Pinch O Peach' and that's exactly what the colour is - its has just a slight 'pinch' of peach and I think this colour is perfect for that soft, gentle look - it would compliment Bobbi Browns 'Baby Peach' very well, especially with a neutral eye!

Peach twist by MAC is another peach based blush that is an excellent choice for a soft - it has a little bit more of a spicy-peach undertone and has a slight shimmer effect - it is very workable and buildable - an excellent colour!!!

One other blush that I would recommend, but couldn't find a picture for that I thought represented th colour well is 'Tawny' blush by Bobbi Brown - it's not in the peach-toned family, but rather in the warm pink-brown family - its also an excellent option for Soft's because it works with various lip tones and eyeshadow shades!

I hope you found this post helpful - if you're a summer/winter - don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it - expect some posts in the near future!


Ranger said...

Ok, three more lipsticks on my shopping list!

I'm interested in your suggestion on blending colours to find the right shade. I think - with very little knowledge - that a warm season tones down shades with brown, while a cool season tones down with greyer shades? And clear seasons the grey and brown is subtracted towards a clearer colour? (But please don't feel obliged to respond, I don't want to be a bore!)

Renata said...

No problem at all - yes, earthy browns, orange-reds and rust shades would be perfect to blend into the lipsticks you have that 'don't' work - that way you balance out the tones and the end result will be complimentary shade - its really fun to play around with different colours. Think of an artist - they don't just use one shade of paint when they are painting, so to create beautiful colours, why restrict youself to only one shade from the lipstick tube - I once mixed a coral-brown and mauve-plum shade and the result was incredible!!! Have fun with makeup!!!