Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tribute to Orange

Orange is one of my favourite colours - its so bright, sunny, happy and warm!  I wear it when I need a 'pick me up'!  The thing that I love about orange is that there are so many variations of the colour that everyone can find a shade that works for them - be it a lighter peachy-orange, to a spicy orange-brown to a clear orange-red - the possibilites are endless.  I have always been in awe of women who can add a lot of orange to their hair, sporting that spicy copper-red shade or going a light auburn red - think Marcia Cross, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman!  Here is my little tribute to Orange:

Being able to pull off this hair colour and lipstick is definitely a 'wow' factor - it totally works on this model and I think the wow factor is absolutely stunning and sexy!!!

Although I adore the little black dress, sometimes for an evening out you need a 'pop of colour' and what better colour has that 'pop' factor other than orange - I love the gold-infused orange dress on the far right!

Orange is considered opposite blue on the colour wheel and is often suggested for blue eyes to really make them pop and stand out - you don't have to invest in a bright orange to make this look work - instead go for shadows with a hint of orange in them and blend them with complimentary colours like bronze to really make those baby-blues stand out!

Nicole Kidman looks amazing in this deeper 'spicy' shade of orange - its almost verging on rust.  I can also see this colour working really well on a warm toned burnette or deep winter.

Nicole Kidman is so lucky to be able to work the orange and light auburn hair colours - she often goes towards the blond shades, but I think the orange/strawberry blond shades look a lot sexier and unique on her coloring!  I particularily like the shade she has in this photo - it brightens up her face and complexion so well - she literally glows!!!

In this photo, the orange shade is practically 'popsicle' like, but I think it works well against her complexion and for a glam evening out - why not?  I think this look works really well because the orange shades on the lips, cheeks and her dress blend so well together - its a fun look - I really like it!!!

I have always considered Milla a cooler type, but she looks 'amazing' in this orange shade and I love how she's warmed up her hair to such a stunning golden shade - her blue eyes pop and her complexion looks really soft and pretty - LOVE it!!!

So Chaud by MAC is one of my favourite lip colours - its an orange-red shade and blends really well with Auburn lipliner - the look it creates is very dramatic and wild - if you're looking for an orange shade that is bright but still wearable without looking too clown like - try this colour!!!

In this photo Scarlett Johanssen is wearing a lipstick that looks 'very' similar to 'So Chaud' - she works the look well and I like how her 'golden locks' complement her makeup!

Orange makeup doesn't have to be in your face bold - ifs its blended correctly and the right shades are used, it can look natural and really 'soften' your look - I particularily like the golden-orange toned blush in this photo - its soft but still warms up her complexion - its stunning!!!

NARS makes a blush called 'Taj Mahal' - its a bright orange with a lot of gold flecks, but if used sparingly and blended properly - this shade can really create that stunning, warm glow!

I love this photo because it gives you great ideas for how to accessorize an orange dress and/or outfit - I love how the orange in this photo is very 'clear' is compliments Megan Fox's complexion so well - she is a definite 'clear' and this is her perfect orange shade!!!

I love the orange based makeup on this model and how well is looks against her porcelain skin and light auburn hair - its breath-taking!

I had to comment on Eva Mendes in this dress - I absolutely 'LOVE' this dress - I love the style, colour, everything - this is the perfect example of how a vivid colour like orange can be very glamorous and red-carpet worthy!

Jennifer Lopez also shows the red-carpet 'worthiness' of orange in this stunning gown - I love how she's not afraid to wear a lighter version of the colour - it looks fantastic against her skin tone and the silver detail in the front really adds that extra bit of pizzaz - this has to be one of my favourite dresses 'ever'!

Here is a picture of me taken a while back wearing orange - I can't remember the makeup I was wearing exactly, but I think I was wearing NARS Taj Mahal on my cheeks and blended it into my lipstick (which I think was 'Orange' by Bobbi Brown).   I love wearing orange!

I hope you enjoyed reading my tribute to orange.  Red often gets all the credit for being that wow 'powerful' and fiery colour, and although I love red, Orange should not be ignored as a power colour.  Find your perfect orange and have fun with it!!!


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I love coral! it is so summery and pretty.

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Thanks for following Milly - I'm so glad to hear you like my blog!!! - I'll definitely enter the Chanel Giveaway - Thanks!!!

Ranger said...

Your eyeshadow with that blush and the orange top looks amazing!

Renata said...

Thanks for the compliment!!! I falling in love with oranges, corals and peaches all over again!!!

Bree said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE you in that top! The lippie looks great too.