Sunday, March 6, 2011

Clear Colour Palette

Lately I've been inspired to learn more about the 'Clear' colour palette after I got a recommendation that the clear colours may suit me better than the true 'cool' shades of winter.  I decided to drape myself with various clear colours - I have a lot of different coloured scarfs and pashminas, so I mainly used these to do the drapings.  I also used makeup shades recommended for a clear type skintone (I used a marine/vivid royal blue liner and shadow and a mango-pink blush and lipcolour).  Here my journey into 'clear' vivid colours:

I wanted to start with one of my favourite colours, a bright, vivid 'periwinkle' type of blue (In natural day light, the sweater appears much more vivid).  I get a lot of compliments when I wear these types of blues and I like how the vivid blue eyemakeup really complements the look!

Bright Turquoise is my go-to happy colour.  I love to wear this scarf in the spring.  Now that I see it draped around me, I wish I had a bright turquoise trench (I love trench coats in a 'pop' of colour like bright red, magenta, lemon yellow and now, I dreaming about turqouise!!!)

Hot pink is just that 'HOT' - It is definitely a 'wow' colour and although I like it draped around my skin, I think its better utilized as a splash of colour here and there (i.e. a scarf, gloves, purse etc).  However, for an evening out on the town, wearing a hot pink top with black dress pants would be awesome!!!

Bright true red is one of my favourite colours.  I think it may look a little off in this picture due to the mango-pink lipcolour.  I love wearing red when I need a boost of confidence.  It always makes me feel alive and sexy.  I have a dress in a similar bright red shade that I wear when I go out - I play up the sexiness with black knee high boots and matching red lipstick - its one of my favourite looks!!!

In this photo I'm wearing a vivid purple - I wish I had a true bright purple top - it will have to go on my shopping wishlist!!!

This pink is a little different than the first 'hot' pink shade that I posted.  This particular pink is more on the magenta/fuchsia side.  I'm not sure which pink I prefer better - but I'm leaning towards the 'hot' pink shade!

Yellow - its a colour I love, but it doesn't always work for me.  I decided to drape myself in 2 different yellow shades based on the recommendations for clear color types.  In the first photograph I'm wearing a bright yellow with a golden undertone and in the second I'm wearing a bright 'mustard' yellow (actually this colour is more autumn-ish vs clear, but its interesting to see the two yellows side by side).  I think I can pull off both, but I'd love to hear your suggestions about which looks better on me!

Light apricot/clear salmon is a colour that is recommended for clear colour types.  I personally love wearing this colour in the summer-time - I also think that it compliments the makeup I'm wearing quite well!
In case you're wondering about the makeup, here is what I'm wearing:

Loreal true match concealer in 'W4'
Refined Golden Bronzer
Annabelle #51 blush (its a peachy-pink shade)
white shimmer eyeshadow base (for all over) - its a shade from sephora, not sure of the name/number
Contrast eyeshadow on lid into crease (MAC)
Expensive Pink shadow on the lid (MAC)
Prussian eyeliner - MAC (with contrast shadow smudged into the upper lashline)
Loreal voluminous mascara in Carbon black
Magenta lipliner MAC
Blonde Venus lipstick - NARS (blended well into the liner)
Expensive Pink shadow (lightly dabbed overtop the lipstick and also blended into the blush)

I really enjoyed draping all these colours and seeing the effect the colours had on my skin tone.  I really love the clear shades and I think I suit these colours really well!  I'd love to hear your verdict - am I a 'clear' colour type???


Ranger said...

Just my opinion, I think you look amazing in the first of the yellows. Your whole face lights up and your skin changes tone and warms, it stands out in that whole set of pics. The salmon pink is good too. I'd love to see you in warmer brown hair and a warmer make up, you make me wonder if you're a very subtle warm season. Thank you for the blog, I'm enjoying reading!

Renata said...

Thanks Ranger - I think I will take your advice and try warming up my hair and makeup a bit. I'm hoping to add some warm chestnut tones to my hair or going a warm chocolate brown! I'm so happy to hear you enjoy reading my posts! Thanks for your post!!!

Ranger said...

My pleasure! Your pictures in this entry remind me of my sister, who is a gorgeous dark deep winter, but is the daughter of a warm autumn red head, and she looks fantastic in some of the deep fire colours from the deep autumn palette that you wouldn't expect a winter to be able to wear at all. It fascinates me how unique the interpretation of the palettes is for each person.

Renata said...

I agree - colour analysis has always fascinated me, but I think its not something that is 100% - When you really think about it, no one is 100% cool or warm - I think we're all a mix, its more about finding that cool/warm balance that works for you! Today I warmed up my makeup a bit and I 'LOVE' the result! I kept my eyes in the cool tones, but added a blonze glow to my skin with a spicy peach blush! I'll have to blog about this soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Renata, you look more like a bright spring to me: the salmon pink, light hot pink and coral are just so perfect on you!

Renata said...

Thank you for the feedback - I do love those bright colours!!! For my makeup I'm enjoying playing around with the softer summer shades, but I haven't given up on adding colour to my wardrobe - I'm particularily fascinated with wearing bright scarfs right now!!!

lauermar said...

You know, there's something else I've noticed since I covered my graying light brown hair with a medium brown rinse--I'm able to wear my vibrant colors better than I did before. And colored eyeshadow!!! I used to wear tans,taupes and sludgey neutrals. Since I became a clear, I find I look better if I use a deep or vivid colors to contour my crease instead of neutrals. So if I highlight with light green, evergreen is better in the crease than brown. Same thing with pale aqua and navy.

Anonymous said...

Do you mind answering, since this is a beauty blog, I am wondering if you had something done to your eyelids or something else. Thanks.

Renata said...

Hi Anonymous. Thanks for the question - I have never had any work or plastic surgery done! I don't know if I ever would,