Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coral and Peach

There is something about adding coral and peach to your makeup routine that can really soften your look and create a 'romantic' ethereal effect.  Coral in particular is very workable because its a mix of peach and pink and works on a wide range of skin tones.  Here are some of my favourite coral and peach makeup looks and products:

Torrid blush by NARS is the blush that inspired me to blog about coral/peach shades - I recently purchased this shade and am in 'love' with the colour - its described on by various reviewers as being for medium/dark complexions what Orgasm blush is for fair complexions - so if you want the want the effect of Orgasm blush, but found that the colour never really worked for you - give 'Torrid' a try!

Eva Mendes has the most incredible skin tone and colour  - she also glows in the coral/peach shades.  It really brings her complexion to life!

Jennifer Lopez is another actress/singer that comes to life in coral shades.  I always thought that J-Lo was so lucky beause she looks great in so many differet colours and looks, but everytime I see her in the peach/coral shades, she always looks soft, feminine and pretty!!!

Reese Witherspoon looks so fresh and alive with the coral toned cheeks she's sporting in this photo.   I remember reading a magazine a few years back where Reese said that 'Fleur Power' by MAC is one of her favourite blushes - it just so happens to be a coral shade!

Rachel McAdams is one of my all time favourite actresses and a fellow Canadian!!!  One of the things that I love about Rachel's look is that like J-Lo and Eva Mendes, she looks amazing in a wide variety of colours and shades.  I love the bronze-peachy smokey eye look paired with a touch of peach on her lips and cheeks - she looks so sultry and soft at the same time!  I love this look on Rachel!!!

Amerie looks so pretty with the light coral shades on her lips and cheeks - it is a very alluring look for her.  I love the contrast between her cooler black hair and warm complexion.  She looks pretty, yet so 'powerful' in this picture, there is a real 'I know who I am and I love who I am' glow to her face - I want that glow!!!

Alicia Keys is another woman with a darker skin-tone who looks so refreshed and alive with coral-peach shades on her lips and cheeks!  You really see her and the beauty of her complexion versus the makeup she's wearing.  Her sexy, defined eyes add that perfect balance of glamour to her look - very alluring!!!

Marcia Cross looks stunning in peachy-warm coral shades - in fact, she 'owns' this look - it compliments her gorgeous red hair so well and brings life to her porcelin skin - so, so beautiful!!!

Fergie's light sheer coral lips and cheeks really compliment the emerald-turqouise shirt she is wearing in this photo.  Her overall makeup look is natural yet gives her a very romantic glow - Fergie often wears peachy-neutral shades and it really suits her - go Fergie!!!

Last but not least, here I am wearing 'Torrid' Blush by NARS - On my lips, I dabbed on my favourite 'Baroque' lipstick by Chanel and then blended Torrid into the lipcolour - I really like the end result!

Coral and Peach shades really suit so many skin tones - from porcelin to fair to medium and olive to dark and deep skin tones.  These shades add a healthy, natural warm glow that brings life to every complexion.  If you don't have a nice, soft coral or peach blush, consider finding one that works for you - you won't be disappointed!!! 

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