Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Angelina Jolie - A True Transformation Story Linked to Colour Analysis

ANgelina Jolie's 'look' been the subject of endless conversations in the makeup/beauty world.  I want to talk a little bit about her transformation from goth queen to sexy vixen and how you can create your own transformation! 

Just as Angelina started to become famous, she was known for spoting that pale beige lipcolour and uber dark hair:

I personally think this look made her have a very washed out appearance.  She was going for that gothic look at the time and instead of creating that smokey eye, nude lip vixen look, she looked sick and deathly!  However, Angelina eventually got out of this makeup rut (and we all have them - I think its just part of the transformtion of becoming who you really are - for me, I've been in endless makeup ruts and I finally want to find a classic look that works for all occassions).

I don't mean to put down Angelina -  in fact, she is my makeup 'muse' and idol - everyone has that one celebrity where they look up to them and gain inspiration for clothes and makeup - for me, that celeb is Angelina.  So how did her transformation occur - what brought Angelina back from the edge of death and looking like a vampire to this??????

Well, I think the answer to that question is a little complicated - its like asking, what is at the essence of 'change' itself?  Just looking at the photos we've seen of ANgelina so far in comparison to this one - her look has gone from 'harsh' to 'soft' - she has embraced her true beauty (both inside and out) and there is a harmony to her look that didn't exist before. Angelina is lucky enough to have the advice and talent of some of the best makeup artists giving her tips and tricks of the trade.  Another thing that I've noticed since Angelina's transformation to sexy vixen is that she has embraced her colours!  I've always supported the idea of colour analysis as an important way to better yourself and get to know what works for you colour wise.  I think the 80's gave colour analysis a bit of a bad reputation because the system was incomplete and too 'dictator' like - you can only be a summer, winter, spring, autumn etc etc - women were forced to be confined to one of 4 seasons with no movement and many makeup barriers.  Today the study of colour analysis leaves a lot of room for growth and its not about confinment - its about finding your harmony or finding your 'best self'.  Colour analysis has moved from putting women in a box to helping them tranform and manifest their best look!  The seasons have changed - there are no longer only 4 seasons with no movement within a season.  The Sci/Art approach (which is the best in my opinion) is a scientific approach that includes 12 seasons - 4 seasons are 'true' seasons (as you would remember from the 80's - true summer, true winter, true spring, true autumn), but the problem then and now is that not everyone fits into a true season.  Some women are 'soft' dominant (like myself and Angelina) - we fit into the neutral category, being able to wear both cool and warm tones (there is no restriction, rather its embracing your dominant soft look - I think everyone would agree that Angelina jolie looks a million times better in her soft medium brown hair with caramel/honey highlights and soft lipcolour vs the harsh winter-like black hair and pastel lip colour).  There are also Light and Deep types (also neutrals, leaning either neutral-cool or neutral-warm).  Getting draped by a certified Sci/art analysist is the best way to know for sure.  Check out the the following 12 blueprints website, if your interested in more information: http://12blueprints.com/

I personally feel that Angelina and I share a season - I feel we are both Soft Autumns (meaning we are dominant softs and leaning neutral-warm).  Here is my own personal transformation:

I never went through a goth stage, but I did go through a rut where I thought black hair and cool winter shades were my best - I thought this look made me look uber sexy, but in comparison to the next photo, you can really see the transformation take place:

The one thing that stands out the most to me is how the harsh winter look is forced and heavy vs the soft autumn look is harmonious and elegant.  Similarily, when you look at Angelina Jolie with the heavy black hair, you don't see 'Angelina', you see harshness instead of the elegance she has now found and embraced!  Although I have been draped as an autumn by colour analyist, it wasn;t the sci/art approach that I really like and admire.  I've decided that I am going to take the plunge and get draped - I just have to work out the date/times etc etc - I plan to get draped by Christine Scaman of 12 blueprints!  My prediction is that I will be a 'Soft Autumn'. 

I decided to put together a fun collage of both Angelina and myself next to the Soft Autumn colour fan - its obvious to me that these shades are so much more harmonious than the gothic or winter-like shades - but the key element here that is so important, is that going for a look may be fun, but in the end, when you embrace yourself and all that is beautiful and elegant about 'you' - you will shine brighter than any celebrity in Hollywood:


Kathryn said...

Can't wait to see your results. I'm gaining greater respect for the Sci/Art system, too, even though I think a lot of the Caygill system was also very valid. They both have some subjective limitations, but I think that the Sci/Art has nailed down the primary operatives in our coloring. The Caygill has the individuality nailed down that Sci/Art doesn't specifically address, but then again Sci/Art has shown us that some individual features really aren't prominent enough to define the structure of our coloring.

Anonymous said...

Wow I love our blog! I am a soft autumn too, however i have a hard time adjusting to it! Noting to dark or bright suites me and i stopped wearing makeup because its so hard to find that elusive neutral warm look. But seeing you embracing your self gives me hope that I too will learn to appreciate my season. Keep it up :)