Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ivanka Trump - The Makeup Inspiration

Ivanka Trump has really mastered the balance between looking professional and stylish.  She always looks polished, confident and conservative, but never in a frumpy way - her conservative edge is modern, simple and elegant.  When I think of Ivanka Trump, I think New York business woman!  When I am drawn to a particular celebrity or person who is the spot-light, I really take the time to study their 'look' - I ask myself, what is it about this person that I'm drawn to?  What is it that I like about this persons look that I can emulate?  The more I studied Ivanka's look, the more I realized how drawn I was to her makeup - she hardly ever looks over-done or wears the trendy 'in' colours.  Her look has been consistent over the years and its always looked natural, simple, elegant and classy:

I actually used this photo as my inspiration to create my flawless face natural look from the previous post.  Ivanka looks so put together, yet in such a simple, minimalistic way!  She looks healthy, glowing, like she's just spent the weekend at the spa (which she probably did!).  I tried to emulate her look and use similar warm, bronze based tones!

Ivanka Trump inspires me with her makeup when she is able to maintain her simple, natural look for an evening event by simply adding some definition to her eyes and some gloss to her nude toned lips.  I think I can learn a lot from Ivanka's simplicity - she doesn't have twenty different looks that she changes from event to event - she sticks to one classic look.  Although she can probably afford to buy the lipsticks from an entire makeup-line, she seems like she stricks to a few tried and tested shades.  Her natural bronze-nude mouth is her classic day look with some added gloss for evening!

For evening, Ivanka Trump does like to go a little more dramatic on her eyes - apparently, smolder eyeliner and carbon eyeshadow are her go-to products to create this look.  I find black looks too harsh against my skin - I need something more like a dark brown or bronze-brown (which is why I like to stick with Teddy by MAC or Brown-Copper by Laura Mercier with NARS Bengali shadow to smudge out the upper lashline). 

These were some of the only photos I found with Ivanka sporting a much more dramatic look - her makeup still looks fantastic, but she gets lost in the look.  I can see Ivanka Trump wearing these looks for a very special gala type event, in which case, the makeup would probably compliment the lighting at the event and whatever magnificent dress she is wearing that evening.  However for an everyday, classic look, I admire and adore that timeless, elegant, simple look that Ivanka Trumps wears so well!!!

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AF said...

I love your input on her effortless glamour. She is a great style inspiration.