Sunday, January 22, 2012

Capturing Angelina's Soft Look

I am always in awe of Angelina's soft makeup look - she looks so fabulous in the natural, neutral shades with some added warmth - soft corals, peaches, dusky rose-browns.  I've been trying to capture her look for a while and still need to polish up a bit on how she defined her eyes, but I think I've nailed the 'color' end of it - check out this photo that put together where you can compare the makeup looks:

One thing that Angelina has going for her is probably the fact that her photo has been photo shoped, so her skintone appears fresher and slightly more neutral-warm. but I think the effect of the makeup is the same.  Looking at this photo, I realize I need some more definition in regards to liner, going for that smoldering, but defined eye!  The lipcolour is quite good in comparison - in both photos I'm wearing a neutral toned liner - Spice (MAC) or Chestnut (Laura Mercier) with one of my favouite neutral toned colours - I beleive the top photo is NARS Barbarella and the bottom is MAC Ramblin Rose.  Dallas blush by Benefit is on my wishlist right now, but Bobbi Brown Tawny mixed with MAC's Blushbaby is a great alternative.  Aside for the defined liner, the shadows that Angelia wears are also consistent with a neutral-warm palette - shades like NARS portabello duo, MAC's Soba, Era, Copperplate or Bamboo shadows are probably good pics.  These are just a few recommendations if you're going for this type of look or want to recreate a similar makeup effect.  I didn't post this makeup comparison because I feel I look like Angelina (I Wish!!!) - I just wanted to show a makeup comparison/application style comparison - I hope this post is usefull, I'd love to hear back from you if you try a similar look or are looking for more colour suggestions!!!


singularfocus said...

I hate professional lighting and photoshop! Angie is so beautiful I don't know why, in that pic, they would change her one bit. It makes it impossible to find a celebrity look or copy one. I always try to look at pics of celebs on the red carpet but even those are ultra-touched!

Good job replicating a look so closely. Seriously. My hat is off to your skillz. I'm dying to try a Katie Holmes look but I can tell it's ultra photoshopped. :( Softs, I feel, always get that (warm or cool) light filter on their photographs.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see you do your eyes exactly like Angie's... i.e., rather than dark shadow over the whole lid, very light or white shadow over the lid and then a very dark liner from the inside to the outside corner.

I don't think you ever do that, do you?

Renata said...

Snezana - I will play around with a few looks where my eyeliner isn't as smudged - once I get it right, I'll definitely post!!!