Saturday, January 7, 2012

Classic Soft Autumn Day Look

I'm finding the whole Soft Autumn palette very inspirational to work with.  I love how it fits into my 'Soft Classic' style type for clothes choices as well.  One of my colour analysis friends on FB described the Soft Autumn look as 'velvety' on me and I 'love' that description.  Soft Autumn has that autumn base that I was draped in but with a slightly softer, i.e. 'velvety' effect.  I've been doing some research for makeup colours and tones that suits the SA type and here is a classic 'everyday' look that I came out with:

Here is what I used to create this look:
Start with the Basic Flawless Face (I use Benefits Pore-fessional foundation primer, Loreals W5 foundation, Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage #4 and Concealer #4 and a Bronzer powder to finish the look - you could also use a transluscent powder)

On my Eyes: Navajo by ...Bobbi Brown as a base, Copperplate mixed with Soba on lid into crease (both by MAC), make up for ever 'copper' in crease (a soft muted copper shade), Teddy liner with Copper smudged into upper lashline and on brows, brown black mascara.
Blush: Bobbi Brown Tawny and MAC's Blushbaby on centre of cheeks for a soft flushed look (notice how the 'orange' peach streak is gone that used to be very obvious with the deeper true warm shades, but here the effect is still 'warm'? - I just observed this today while applying my blush)
Lips: Elizabeth Arden 'Ginger' lipstick #05 with MAC's Freckletone mixed on top - this creates such an amazing soft lipcolour that has that Your Lips But Better effect for Soft Autumns!
To make this look more dramatic or to give yourself variety, try deepening the eyeliner to 'Coffee' by MAC and using NARS Bengali to smudge into the upper lash line.  You could also deepen your lips to a warm-rose-peach shade, by using Spice or Hover lipliner by MAC and changing the lip-colour to Italian Rose by Bobbi Brown or Jubilee by MAC!  For an even more dramatic, but still Soft Autumn evening look, try going for a softer Brick red lip, by using Brick lipliner by MAC and using either Sandalwood beige or Freckletone lipstick mixed in with a warm rose gloss on top - Soft Autumn makeup perfection!!!

I also added a polyvore clothes collage so you could see how well this look would look with the SA clothes palette as well!


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hi Renata! For some reason, the Polyvore is showing up blurry on my screen.

Well, one thing is clear! You are absolutely beautiful!! So you can wear a lot of different looks well.

But it seems like there might be something missing from the SA look.

At first, there was a sense of relief in that the makeup didn't seem to be applied as heavily. But I think I miss the warmth.

Also, like someone else said yesterday, I wonder what impact the cooler color of your hair is having. Because I remember TA looks you did in the past that were absolutely fabulous!

Anonymous said...

This look makes you look pale, tired, pasty and muddy. Not trying to be mean, just honest, because I've seen the TA colors on you and they are breathtaking. These colors are not. True Autumn for you all the way!

singularfocus said...

You sparkle in True Autumn!

Mary Steele Lawler said...

Love, love the lipcolor. Added Ginger to my SAU arsenal list.