Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Soft 'Spiced Peach' Makeup

Peach is a stunning but sometimes tricky makeup shade to work with.  I find it similar to 'red' in that you need to find the rich peach shade for you.  Some people suit a light peach shade, others a beigy-peach, pink-peach or deep peach.  My personal favourite is a 'spiced peach' shade or muted faded terracotta - its perfect against my skintone, which is neutral-warm with some depth.  The key to making peach work is to find complimentary makeup shades - i.e. using a muted terracotta-peach blush to compliment the lip or going for a nice bronze-glow to bring out the 'spiced' effect.  The thing I know for sure is that this is one of my all time favourite looks.  Honestly, If I had to wear one makeup look for the rest of my life, this would probably be it!  I've decided to post multiple photos of this look next to a set of colours that I also find work against my skintone (the soft autumn palette):

For this makeup look I started with my basic flawless face, followed by PYW (pretty your world) - Goldfish blush.  On my eyes, I used Bobbi Brown Navajo eyeshadow as a base, MAC's Copperplate form the lid to crease (I also currently love NARS portabello duo as a lid to crease shade) and Teddy eye-liner with NARS Bengali smudged into upper lash line.  For that spiced peach lip-colour, I used Bronzelle with Barbarella lipstick.  Spice lipliner works equally well with Barbarella - I love playing around with both liner shades.  Spice is slightly deeper, so it works for evening as well!

Have fun playing around with different peach colours - don't get stuck is going for a pale or concealer-like nude lip - its not very flattering as a natural look in my opinion.  My makeup muse Angelina Jolie loves to wear lighter and muted peach, pinky-coral shades - check out some of her photos on-line to get ideas or simply go to Sephora and MAC and play around with different colours until you find one that works for YOU!

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