Sunday, January 8, 2012

Cherish Lipstick by MAC

I recently got my Back2MAC free lipstick and while I was trying on various shades, I kept the notion of perhaps being a Soft Autumn in the back of my mind.  The Makeup Artist recommended that I try on 'Cherish', since I told her I was after a natural look that was 'soft' and complimented by skintone - without hesitation she picked up Cherish and thought this would be my perfect natural colour.  When I first tried it on without a liner, I thought it would make a lovely nude shade.  Then I deepened it just a bit by adding Hover lipliner (I also tried it on with Spice) and the result was 'perfection'.

The MAC website describes Cherish as a Soft Muted Peach-Beige.  I think the description is very consistent with the actual colour. 

I took this photo in my car with the ultimate natural light in the background - I think this photo really shows the soft elements of my features.  I'm wearing Cherish on its own without a liner and its the perfect 'my lips but better' nude shade.  I prefer it slightly deeper with a liner, but its great for when I want to do a smokier eye and keep the lips natural looking.  Also, I'm just trying to invision this look with slightly lighter and highlighted hair - Once this colour settles a bit, I'm planning on going back to the butterscotch highlights I had in the fall time - it was a gorgeous colour!

I deepened Cherish in this photo by layering it on top of Hover lipstick - I found a Soft Autumn inspired top as well and think this look really works well.  I took a similar photo wearing a Soft Summer top:

I think regardless of which season I may be, Cherish is a great soft-natural lip look for me - I particularily like it with the Hover lipliner, adding just enough depth to really compliment my skintone.  If you have similar colouring or if you're looking for a peach shade thats not too bright or dark, this is a geat colour option!!!



Lalin Pichaironnarongsongkram said...


Where s your eye shadow from please? It looks stunning on. X

Renata said...

Hi Lalin - I'm so sorry, this post was written a long time ago, but from what I remember, I wore a lot of teddy eyeliner smudged with satin taupe at that time with era eyeshadow on the lid! Hope this helps