Sunday, January 22, 2012

MAC - Ramblin Rose Lipstick

Ramblin Rose is my favourite coral!  Its more of a neutral-soft coral vs a true bright coral, which makes it the perfect everyday wearable coral shade.  My other favourite coral is NARS Niagara, but its a little brighter and more of a coral-pink shade. 

I was playing around with Ramblin Rose the same day I did my Honey lipstick by Smashbox post, so the makeup is exactly the same other than the lipstick:  Check out the post for details about the makeup colours I used for the face, eyes,cheeks etc!

I used MAC's Spice lipliner with the Ramblin Rose because I wanted to go for that Soft and delicate lipstick look - In the Spring/Summer, Ramblin Rose is perfect on its own with a touch of a peachy-coral gloss like Love Nectar by MAC.  The thing that makes Ramblin Rose so unique in my eyes is that its so versatile - pair it with a neutral liner and you get a soft-coral neutral lip, pair it with a brick-red liner and you've totally changed the colour to a coral-red shade.  I think Ramblin Rose should be a must have if you want to create a softer more natural coral lipstick look!!!  This is one of those lipsticks that even if I forget about it for a time, I keep coming back to it at some point!!!


Anonymous said...

This lip combo looks perfect on you, like it's your natural color. With this lip colour, what I notice first in the photo is your eyes.

Colour-colour said...

I'm sorry, but I find this very aging on you. Everything's just too matte and soft. Maybe you could try out a more colourful, glossy SA lip - not all softs have to wear extremely matte beige-ish lippies to wear their best colours.

Renata said...

Thanks for the suggestion Colour-colour - I'm actually on the look-out for some 'colourful' SA options!!!