Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Haircolour I Want

I was looking on-line trying to get makeup inspiration from various celebrities when I couldn't stop looking at this picture of Angeline Jolie - I couldn't figue out what it was!  Was it her makeup, hair, clothes???  What was I so 'drawn' to - then I realized, it was infact her hair, her hair 'colour' in particular.  It actually reminds of of my natural colour with some added richness - I love how warm and rich the colour looks:

I'm going to keep this photo in mind the next time I get my hair coloured!!!  I have to admit that I also 'love' that lipstick that Angelina is wearing in this photo - it reminds me a little of Ramblin Rose by MAC, but sheerer!  I'll have to try and re-create this look!!!

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singularfocus said...

Her highlights look really beigey to me, not exactly warm but not cool. Love them. They blend in so well and don't like like BAM HIGHLIGHTS (as some do) and they are not too yellow, either.