Sunday, January 22, 2012

Favourite Neutral Shades

I've been talking a lot about the neutral-warm makeup and lipstick shades.  I've decided that I want to stay away from labeling shades in correspondance to their 'season' when I first present them, as I want this blog to speak to 'everyone': for those who are interested in colour analysis and for those who just love makeup.  Instead, I'll be refering to shades as neutral-cool, neutral warm (either soft, deep, bright) or true cool/warm etc etc, making reference to the seasons as they correspond to those desciptions.  I want someone interested in finding a peachy-nude lipshade to gain just as much benefit from this blog as someone looking for a Soft Autumn shade.  That being said, here are my favourite soft neutral warm lipstick shades.  I've swatched them across my arm, as requested by one of my readers:

These three lipsticks are curently my favourite everyday lipstick shades.  From left to right, show here are: NARS Honolulu Honey, Smashbox Honey and Chanel Incognito.  There are my go-to neutral shades that lean into the warmer side of the spectrum.  I'll have to do some blush swatches as well, but with these shades I love to wear Bobbi Brown Tawny blush, MAC Blushbaby or Benefit 'Dallas' - my current favourite!

These are my all time favourite neutral shades with a peach undertone - Peach tones seem to make me happy and this is a perfect example of how you can find a peach to work with your skin (going from a warmer peach to a brown-based peach to a more pinkish-beige peach).  Here I have pictured left to right: MAC Freckletone, MAC Siss and MAC Cherish.  When wearing the more peachy-nude shades, I like to wear a very neutral toned liner - my current favourites are Bronzelle by Lancome, Spice by MAC and Chestnut by Laura Mercier!

I wasn't sure which photo was the most clear, so I decided to post both - These are currently my favourite go-to evening shades.  I've included my favourite 'red' and my two favourite deeper neutrals.  Pictured from left to right are: Cider Berry by Clinique, Bois De Iles by Chanel and Baroque by Chanel.  Cider Berry is such an elegant red because its a softer version of a true red with more of a brick/warm berry undertone - This shade with a smokey eye of browns and warm beiges is so stunning for evening - soft, yet elegant!  With these shades, my go-to liners are Sienna by Chanel - more of a neutral reddish brown, MAC Brick lipliner or Laura Mercier Chestnut, especially with Baroque, for a natural deeper lip shade!

I hope you enjoyed this post - I hope to do a lot more swatches of my favourite colours, as well as my own makeup application photos!  I'm always so excited to do requests for my readers, so if you'd like me to blog about something in particular or help you find some shades that would fit your lifestyle or personality, let me know - i'd be more than happy to research some products and shades and create a post around that topic!!!


Kathryn said...

I am struck by how well all of those colors blend with your skin!

Anonymous said...

awesome! thanks for doing this post! :)

Renata said...

Thanks so much Kathryn and Anonymous - I found the same thing Kathryn - none of these shades are competing against my skintone - My favourites are the first set of swatches - the Honolulu Honey, Honey and Incognito - these shades along with Ramblin Rose by MAC are my go to shades - check out my most recent post about Ramblin Rose: Ramblin Rose Lipstick by MAC:

katherine said...

Thinking about getting honey now... Thanks for the swatch!