Wednesday, January 11, 2012

EYE Harmony

I always find it interesting when colours of a certain palette match the exact shade of your eyes and skintone.  One of my facebook friends who is very passionate about colour analysis put together some photo visuals for me of me next to the Soft Autumn palette (check out my previous post).  She also sent me this photo, which I found very interesting and helpful:

Seeing my eye and skintone next to this palette was literally 'eye-opening' - No pun intended LOL

I also really like the colour options for hair colours at the bottom right of the page - it really makes sense to me, as those shades are similar to the colour that I have naturally.  I also find that both my natural skintone and eye colour can be found in this palette - the result being complete harmony.  I know that there are some people who are still on 'Team True Autumn' and I really appreciate and respect everyones feedback - I don't want to make a final decision for myself until I actually get draped again by the 'sci/art' system.  I like being able to have options and I love experiementing with colour!   I find this whole process so fascinating!  I started out thinking I was one of the Autumns.  I was told I was a true winter, which didn't quite work for me, but I enjoyed playing around with those colours.  I then was almost convinced I was a Soft Summer - I didn't like all the cool toned pinks, but I loved the softness of the colours.  I then went back to playing around with the 'deeps' and then the brights, really liking the bright spring shades for their warmth, but finding the colours stood out too much (all you saw was makeup vs me).  I then got draped by an idependant woman (I'm still not 100% sure what system she used, but she didn't take into account a 'neutral' skintone, she went by cool and warm, found warm to be better and then found autumn to be better than spring,  She didn't have the 'soft autumn' option in her drapes, only light, true, warm and deep autumn - the light was too light, the warm was too warm etc etc - the 'true' is a real mix of true and soft autumn - interesting???).  I'm now at the place where I know that autumn is my 'base' season, the question is which one???  I'm really liking the soft autumn, since I do think my skintone is more neutral than warm, but again, I'd really like the sci/art draping experience to make sure!


Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Hey Renata! You're right, that is very powerful evidence.

Which friend of yours did this for you? I am not so techno-savvy and would love it if she would do the same for me w/ TA and DA.

Anonymous said...

I'm a SA and the fifth colour in the top row is my exact eye colour. Also, when picking makeup or clothing out I take inspiration from my hair colour too, and lips.... they are both in the mix. I consider them my safe zone, my defaults when shopping.