Monday, January 9, 2012

A 'Must-SEE' palette and makeup comparison

Many thanks to a friend that I have on FB who put these two photos together for me AND also just a 'thank-you' to everyone who has helped me out with putting the landscapes and other photos together for me - i'm not very tech savvy and I appreciate my friends help!!!

I was thinking to myself that perhaps one day to narrow down this Soft Autumn vs True Autumn confusion is to fin a photo of myself where I absolutely 'love' my makeup and where I've received the MOST compliments over the years.  I honestly didn't even have to think about it - I instantly knew which photo to go to - I think of all the makeup looks I've done, this is the one that I get the most feedack and compliments on.  I decided to post it on FB and hear everyones opinion on which season it belongs to - I got a 'photo' response back from my friend who created this for me and I have to say that its amazing how well these shades fit with the Soft Autumn fan:

I've been looking at this fan and noticing that the SA shades that suit me the best are the deeper ones - someone even noticed that my hair-colour in the first photo actually matches the reddish-brown dark shade within the actual Soft Autumn palette.  I'm finding all of this very interesting and eye-opening and I have to admit that I love the blues of this palette against my skintone!!!  Here is a list of the makeup I used in top photo:

Loreal True match concealer in N4

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in 'Nude'

MAC's Refined Golden Bronzer'


Bobbi Brown 'Tawny' Blush

MAC's mineralize blush in 'Gentle'

(on the apples of cheeks)


Shroom eyeshadow as base (MAC)

Laura Mercier eyeshadow in 'Pewter'

on lid into crease

Teddy Eyeliner (MAC) - top and bottom lashline

Copperplate eyeshadow - MAC

(used to smudge teddy liner on the upper lashline only)

Loreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black


Spice Lipliner by Annabelle

Baroque Lipstick - Chanel


Vanessa said...

looks nice, but have you considered dark autumn colours? you could probably wear both really well. : )

Renata said...

THanks Vanessa,
Check out this post I did on some deep autumn drapes: - would love to hear what you think?