Saturday, January 28, 2012

Stila Convertable Color Blush in Camellia

Camellia is an amazing colour - in the pan it looks like a true terracotta shade.  Once applied to the cheeks, its gives the most natural peachy-brown glow.  I love that this shade can be used with so many different makeup looks and is perfect as a base for other blush colours, especially those in the neutral to peach/coral tones.  I wanted to try and show you the effect of this blush with a clean face, no other makeup added other than a natural lip colour (Bronzelle lipliner by Lancome with NARS Napoli and just a touch of Honolulu Honey applied to the centre of the lip).  I took this photo in natural light with no flash - I think it gives a really good representation of what the colour is like against the skin - check it out:

The thing I really love about this look is that it gives your face a natural flushed tan look, as if you've just hit the beach and the sun has just started to work a tan - not too dark or muddy, the perfect peachy-bronze glow!!!  I love pairing NARS Napoli with the peachy/coral shades - its the perfect natural peachy-pink lipcolour that is neither too light or too bright - perfect for everyday!!!

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