Friday, January 6, 2012

Soft Autumn???

Since posting my last blog post on one of the facebook colour analysis groups '12 blueprints' (which is my all time favourite FB group devoted to colour analysis - if this topic interests you, I highly recommend to check it out!) - I recieved quite a bit of feeback concerning the more natural True Autumn makeup looks.  The consensus is that perhaps I shouldn't rule out Soft Autumn as an option for myself - the reasoning?  The warmth of the TA palette works, but 'some' of the deeper and very yellow toned colours seem a little off.  Some of my favourite TA shades are part of the SA palette!  Although I love the Chili red, I think I can still wear it as part of the SA palette or as a more glam look - but there is no question - the more natural, soft warm looks is a winner!  I decided to do my makeup using classic Soft Autumn colours and I'd love to hear your feedback - have I perhaps found my ultimate season???

For the makeup, I started with my basic face (Benefit pore-fessional, W5 foundation, Secret Camouflage #4, Laura Mercier concealer #4 and Refined Golden Bronzer)
I then used Pretty Your World blush in Goldfish (a colour recommended for Soft Autumns on the website)
I went with more SA neutral shades vs the warmer TA shades on my eyes:  I started with Bobbi Brown's Navajo eyeshadow as a base, used Copperplate shadow by MAC on the lid into the crease, Used MAC's Teddy, a bronze-brown eyeliner and smudged NARS Bengali a SA neutral chocolate brown into the upper lash-line).  I finished the eye look with a brown-black mascara.
For my lips, I used Bronzelle lipliner by Lancome, applied Revlon's Sandalwood Beige and MAC's Siss into the centre of lips before blending the shades together!

So - the question is - what do you think of Soft Autumn for me vs True Autumn???


Kathryn said...

So far, I love these colors on you!

Anonymous said...

You look orange! Sure you have the right season?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Looks a bit too light and faded, have you considered DA?

Anonymous said...

Maybe try the draping colors without makeup to determine the best colors for you? I think the cooler colors in past posts look very nice for you. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Soft Autumn - this isn't your season. Soft seasons are muddy, like when you step into a pond and the sand on the bottom gets stirred up. In the summer when my hair lightens, my hair, eyes, and skin are almost nearly all the same color. Literally. They're all a muted golden. You aren't muddy earth and sunlit dust. You're cool and intense and clear. Ice in the shadows and a bright aqua sky.

I think what's leading you astray is that you are a neutral season, between warm and cool. I think you're gravitating toward middles - Soft Autumn being neutral between warm and cool, Warm Autumn being neutral between high and low contrast. I actually suspect you lean cool, and high contrast. You're successfully pulling off that hot cherry lipstick in your profile picture, which most girls couldn't do without heavy black eyeliner. Seeing you against the brick red clothing in the background makes me think you're a cooler season. My vote is for Clear Winter. Worth a try, anyway.

Renata said...

Wow - thanks so much Anonymous. The colour universe is really speaking to me today. I went makeup browsing today and while I was at the Chanel counter, the makeup artist and I started to talk. Turns out that she has been a colour consultant for over 20 years. I asked her what I thought and she said that she is 100% positive that I am a cool season - most likely a cool summer/winter blend, but definitely some type of summer. Now I just read your comment and it's like confirmation that cool may be the right direction. The Soft Summer is too muddy (as you said) - I need the clearer cool, but I don't think I'm bright winter, I think bright/cool summer :)