Saturday, January 28, 2012

Makeup Artist in Training

I think my love affair with makeup began the day I left my mothers womb - I have always loved colour, painting, art, makeup etc.  I have worked with makeup ever since my mother gave me the go-ahead to start wearing makeup in high-school.  I've always experimented, torn pages out of magazines and tried to copy the looks.  For years people have been telling me to 'do something' with my passion for makeup and I finally decided that now is the right time to go to a reputable college and get my makeup artistry certification.  I have been looking around at various colleges and the one that really spoke to me was the Canadian Beauty College.  One of the ladies that I often talk to at MAC (she is a makeup artist at a nearby MAC locations) gave my the contact information and the rest just fell into place - I was really impressed with the course outline and the standards of the college and program.  So far I've completed two of the classes and I'm LOVING the entire experience.  My instructor Jenn is not only fantastic as explaining and teaching the material - she is exceptionally nice, friendly and really takes the time to answer any questions we may have.  I'm loving that I'm learning tips and tricks that are helping me apply makeup to others AND I'm loving that my own makeup application is becoming better! I know that this is exactly what I'm meant to be doing!!!  I'm looking forward to blogging more about what I'm learning and doing in class!  So far, here is what I'm loving the most:

-Learning to determine skintone and picking the right foundation, concealer and powder shades (I'm a neutral leaning warm)

-Learning the basics of contouring (this was todays class and I found this sooooo helpful - I can't wait to start playing around with this technique on myself and others - its actually fascinating the effects that makeup can do to hide and/or bring out the right elements of the face and its stucture)

-Learning what eyeshadow shades to use to bring out the colour of your eyes (my eyes are a blue-green shade with amber flecks).  My instructor Jenn suggested using a colour similar to MAC's Woodwinked and I loved the effect it had on my eyes - I feel they really do 'pop' and the best thing is that woodwinked is a universally flattering colour!!!

-Learning to create that everyday 'le no makeup look' that the Parisians are so well know for and then using makeup techniques to turn this look into a elegant day look - check it out:

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Gina said...

This is so exciting! Congratulations to you!