Monday, January 23, 2012

NARS Barbarella

Peach toned lipsticks are amazing - to me that have that soft romantic feel balanced with uber sexiness.  Angelina Jolie has been my makeup inspiration for the past little while and I find that she always looks stunning with a peach stain on her lips.  Barbarella lipstick by NARS is a 'true' peach shade in a tube.  Its not too light or too dark, not too bright or too soft - it is peach perfection:

I always like to mix in a neutral toned lipliner when working with any nude or neutral shade - I find that when you do that it mimics your natural lipcolour even more and the colour doesn't 'sit' on your lips, it has more of a harmonious, soft/elegant feel to it.  Since Angelina is such a makeup inspiration, I tried to find a photo where she is wearing a lipcolour similar to Barbarella and compared it to a photo where I'm wearing Barbarella with Spice lipliner by MAC:

In order for my lip colour to look even more like Angelina's in this photo, I would probably add a peach gloss as well - I'm thinking something like 'Giza' by NARS would be perfect.  Looking back at all the makeup photos of ANgelina Jolie over the years - she has gone from uber-dramatic makeup, ultra-beige lipcolours (many of which wash her out in my opinion), black hair and gothic inspired eyeliner and even platnum blonde hair.  However, once she embraced her softness, sporting a medium brunette hair colour with subtle caramel/gold highlights, neutral warm pinks and peach tones and wearing the softer earth toned clothes, she is 'glowing' - her makeup is superb and she looks more elegant and sexier than ever!!!  I think its important to have a makeup inspiration, as long as you stay true to yourself and the colours that work the best on you!!!


Anonymous said...

I actually love peach lipsticks on you the best. Why? It looks the most effortless

Renata said...

Thanks so much!!! I'm going to start wearing this combination again soon - the Bronzelle lipliner really works well with the Barbarella

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, I discovered the spice, barbarella and Giza combo and LOVE IT and it's my everyday look. Thx for being a great inspiration :) bronzelle lip liner? Did you mean spice? Thanks again!!

Renata said...

Awesome - i'm so glad you like the combo. Isn't it pretty? You can wear spice or bronzelle. I currently wear more of the bronzelle :)