Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bridal Makeup

Part of today's makeup class was about Bridal makeup and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I really loved learning about how to create that perfect natural, bridal glow.  There really is something special about bridal makeup - its that you but better look with the use of highlighting and using fresh, romantic colours that compliment your skintone.  I was actually so inspired by todays class, that I wanted to find some bridal looks that I think are truely elegant and share them with you:

I really love this bridal makeup look because all the right features are defined (eyes, cheekbones, lips), but yet the look is still soft.  I think what a lot of brides want to acheive is a very elegant look, but they still want to look like themselves.  Also, think about the lighting and flash components that are part of this photograph - its important for a makeup artist to keep this in mind when creating the final makeup look - you want to use colours that compliment and to use enough colour and highlighting to make an impact in photos!!!

Eyes are a great feature to choose as a focal point for impact.  Using a neutral champagne base with a black liner, a pop of sheer coral or pinky-peach on the cheeks with a natural 'just bitten' lip look is timeless.  Again, highlighting is key (the thing to remember is that a light shimmer is okay, sparkles are not - its not about in your face colour, its about looking fresh and pretty).  FInally, when doing bridal eyemakeup, its never complete without framing and defining the eyebrows - without this simple, but important step, the look doesn't seem complete - eyebrows frame the face, so its very important to have them nicely shaped and defined!

A great blush tip that I picked up today is a technique that Bobbi Brown uses often, but is especially useful for Bridal makeup - its the 2 blush trick.  You want to use two blush colours, one natural shade and another 'pop of colour' right in the centre of your cheeks.  The pop of colour could be a pretty pink shade for cool skintones or an apricot shade for warmer skintones. 

Using complimentary colours is very important for your special day and even going for a red lip is totally okay, as long as its the right red for you and your entire look is based on that 'glam factor'.   The bridal makeup look is about definition, highlighting and contouring, using pretty and feminine colours with a pop of colour and bringng that uber sexy and healthy glow to the face!

Bridal makeup is fascinating to me because its pretty, buildable, elegant and creates a lot of definition and highlights all the key features that make a woman beautiful!

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