Sunday, February 5, 2012

The 'Soft' Seasons

In colour analysis, the two soft seasons are soft summer and soft autumn.  Soft autumn is neutral leaning warm while soft summer is neutral leaning cool.  As a neutral and soft, the question is also, which suits better? 

The top 2 photos is my 'naked' face next to soft summer colours, while the bottom 3 are the same photo of myself next to the soft autumn colours - I'll let you be the judge!!!

Soft Summer:

Soft Autumn:


Kathryn said...

You can do Soft Summer but you still look better in Soft Autumn.

singularfocus said...

The top Soft Autumn look top matches my soft summer fan. I think there is some cross over so you can rock both. However, I noticed the SSu brings out a little redness under your eyes and around your nose.

Anonymous said...

i think you look bit boring in soft autumn shades. Colors for soft summer just somehow appear better on you, they make you sparkle more. Brown, beige and coral don´t fit you that much. But it´s only my opinion, final decision is on you. Greetings from Czech. :)

Anonymous said...

Of the four polyvores, I like the second soft summer best. This is the only one with a medium level of lightness/darkness. The others read light overall. You are best with relative medium tones, whether light/dark combinations, or just medium colours.

Anonymous said...

The first two deepen the color of your lips and eyes which makes you appear more vibrant (as in awake and full of life). The second two seem to wash you out.