Friday, February 17, 2012

Smokey Eyes and LASHES!!!

I'm so happy that last week we learned to apply flase lashes in my makeup class.  After seeing Adele on the grammy's sporting that retro look with out of this world lashes, I'm so inspired to play around with this look.  Before I get into that, I wanted to share a few pics from last weeks makeup class where we got to practice doing the smokey eye look. I wanted to create a deep brown smokey look vs going with the traditional smokey look using dark greys and blacks.  I wanted the look the be smokey, but still beleivable for everyday - here is what I came up with:

In class we learned two different variations of the smokey look - the first being the darkest shade on the lid and medium shade blended into the crease/outer cornerns and the second variation being a deeper shade in the crease/outer corners with a medium shade on the lid.  I used the second variation in the photos with the flase lashes.  Here is a photo of me where my classmate used the first smokey eye variation, using a black shade on the lid and a medium grey shade blended well into the crease


I was actually afraid of this lesson at first because I was so intimidated by working with flase lashes.  However, I have to admit, its a lot easier than I expected and the end result is so worth it.  I think the hardest part is actua positioning the lashes to your natural lashline, but once you get over that initial fear, its actually not a big deal at all - in fact, its fun!  I was able to play around with a very dramatic set of lashes on my classmate:

The great thing about lashes is that you can also buy individual lashes or lashes to add to the outer corners only - this is perfect if you want that extra lash extention, but you don't want too much of a glam/diva look - this is what was used on my eyes:

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