Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My lips but better

I just wanted to share a little collage I put together of my favourite lipshades next to my personal palette.  Its amazing to me that the colours I'm naturally attracted to fit the swatch fan so well!  I'm having a little bit of confusion about this as well - it seems that the more 'spring' like corals, peaches and apricots morph into a warm-pink or soft salmon shade on my lips - does that put me in the spring or soft autumn category? Hmmmm - makes me want to play around with a few more palettes!!!  Anyway - here is a tribute to some lovely coral lip shades:


Snezana Mahoney said...

I'm amazed at the range of colours you are able to wear! I have to wonder: "What looks terrible on you?"

Renata said...

Thanks Snezana - actually I don't do very well with very light and muted beiges or light pastel colours - these completely wash me out - otherwise, I have noticed that I can wear many colours successfully, which makes me wonder - why limit myself to 'one' season - i feel i can create multiple looks for each one! I have noticed at work that a lot of people are asking why I'm not wearing my bright colours anymore (the bright spring shades in particular) - they really like these on me???

Snezana Mahoney said...

I like you in bright reds and pinks as well (albeit only in online photos).