Friday, February 3, 2012

Feminine and Fearless

Have you ever across a photo in a magazine and been completely mesmorized by it?  Its either something about the models hair, makeup, clothes, style or all 4 put together that just 'speaks' to you.  I do get inspiration from magazines and various ads (esp for makeup/style ideas).  I came across this particular photo and I absolutely 'love' everything about it - the clothes the model is wearing, her makeup look, the style - it reminds me of everything I love - she definitely has a classic flair and her makeup is soft and natural:

This is exactly the type of look that I'm looking to embrace and chanel to the world - I love the idea of purchasing timless classic clothing (i.e. a trench coat, collard shirt dress, dress pants) and accessorizing with class (scarves, belts, purses, pearl or diamond stud earings etc).  Seeing photos of a woman dressed like this gives me a wake-up call because it makes me realize that life is too short spending time on things that will be in fashion one day and out the next - for me, its all about embracing all that is classic, be it a crisp white shirt, a blot of natural lipstick, a spritz of perfume, an elegant scarf - etc etc - my mother reminded me today that life is about 'living' not getting stuck or obsessed over things which you have no control.  So if that uber classic trench is going to make your day - go ahead and embrace it.  If wearing red is going to add some pop and zing to your day, go for it - be fearless, be feminine, but most importantly, be yourself!!!

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