Sunday, February 26, 2012


ALong with creating fantasy looks in my makeup course, we also had the opportunity to create Runway looks based on a 'Face Chart'.  It actually became a competition - we have 30 minutes to re-create the look from the face chart and later all the looks were judged based on the accuracy of the look based on what the designer would have wanted.  I choose a look that consisted of playing around with both warm and cool brown eyeshadow shades on the eyes, black liquid liner, a pop of pink on the cheeks and a neutral brown lip - here is the before and after:

The model that I worked with was naturally very pretty and had fantastic skin - I found working on her face a perfect canvas for this look.   I got a sense of why makeup artists with their own lines like to create looks on certain models for their ads and events - they are the perfect canvas for thier makeup or the effect that their makeup has.  I found that the energy of the room shifted as we were working on these looks - since we only had 30 minutes, everyone was very serious, focusing on their look,  moving at a faster pace - I would just picture working in a real runway setting - the energy must be amazing with 110% focus on the task you have at hand as a makeup artist!  The prize for the winner for a whole bunch of makeup from the Pari makeup line.  I am happy and excited to announce that I won the completition - the reasoning being that my look was the most accurate to the face chart I had been working from - but honestly, everyone in the room did an exceptional job - all the looks were amazing and fantastic!  I found this class a lot of fun - can I see myself doing runway in the future?  I'd love to have more experience with it - I love the energy of working under pressure and I found that I enjoyed re-creating a particular look given to me.  However, I would LOVE to be part of the team that determines what the look is going to be - or at least sit in on that process - I love the creative aspect behind makeup artisty, being the creative eye behind a look!!!

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