Sunday, February 19, 2012

Toffee, Butterscotch and Caramel - Oh My!!!

I'm not talking about Wurthers Original candies in this post - although, I am making reference to that amazing warm butterscotch colour!  When people think of highlights on darker hair, often the notion is a dark brown base with skunk like blonde highlights.  However, if you're working with an amazing stylist and colorist, that notion is the farthest thing from the truth.  My friend and someone I dearly respect, Julia is my colorist - her work is beyond amazing and I think the most recent colour she just gave me is probably my all time favouite and its a colour I'm going to be sticking with for a while.  Since my hair was darker before, she explained that she was going to put in a lightener (to create those butterscotch highlights) followed by a toffee toner.  She explained during the pocess that highlights should always be soft and blend in to your hair like they 'belong' there vs sticking out like a sore thumb - darker hair is magnificent in toffee toned highlights and hair, check out Eva Longoria and Keri Hilson:

Even with Keri's uber dark base, the toffee highlights add warmth and softness - she looks incredible and her soft, warmer toned makeup compliments the look so well!!!  Eva Longoria also shines with the toffee tones in her hair - she looks elegant and ultra-pretty!  Too many celebrities try too hard to merge into the world of 'blonde', but what they should be after is lighter and softer with a lot of warmth and gentle highlighting.

Here I am sporting my new hair-colour:

FOr the makeup in this photo I used NARS tinted moisturizer in St. Moritz, Secret Camouflage #4 as a concealer (Laura Mercier), Warm Beige powder by Bobbi Brown, MAC's Refined Golden bronzer as a contour shade and PYW orgasmic blush as a highlight.  For the eyes I used Bobbi Brown Navajo shadow as a base, MAC's Cork from lid to crease and Arena on the lid, Teddy eyeliner (smudged with cork) and a brown-black mascara.  I used Bobbi Brown Tawny blush and mixed Chanel's Baroque with Laura Mercier Cinnamon lipstick on the lips!!!


Margo said...

Nice new hair color, Renata!

Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Your hair looks great, Renata!

Sneza said...

Very, very, very nice!