Friday, February 17, 2012

NARS Makeover Session

I love getting makeovers and getting pampered - its such a great feeling, especially when you're comfotable with the makeup artist and the environment is inviting and positive.  Today I had the privilage of meeting Gillian Okopny, NARS makeup artist.  Being in a makeup course, I had a ton of questions and Gillian was more than happy to answer each and every one of them.  She also made me feel completely comfortable by talking though the makeup application process, giving me pointers and explaining her technique.  I always find advice like that very valuable.  Most importantly, I loved the end result - the makeup look was flawless, pretty and made me feel like a million bucks (the very effect a makeup application should have on a woman!):

One of my favourite things about a makeup session is getting the face chart after the makeover - it really helps to review all the products that were used and 'where' they were used on the face - its great for when you want to go back and purchase any of the products used:

I wanted to take two photos of the makeup look that Gillian created - I took the first one with a flash and the second one in natural light with no flash:

I absolutely 'love' the NARS makeup products that were used for this look - I really liked the eyemakeup (esp the Bellissima eyeshadow duo with the burbon street eyeliner smudged with Lulu shadow).  My favourite has to be the the blush - super orgasm illuminator was used as a highlight with Gina BLush and the lips are simply 'divine' - Matte velvet lipcolour in Bolero!  The one thing I really liked about this look as well is that a sheet tinted moisturizer was used vs a heavy foundation - I'm now in love with NARS tinted moistuizer!!!


Anonymous said...

I usually never comment on these things, but I feel it's necessary. I think you looked way better as a true autumn. It made you look healthy. Now, with soft autumn, you're back to makeup that (in my opinion) makes you look worse, rather than better.

Many people seem to disagree with me. So there's a good chance I'm wrong. But I believe in stating one's honest opinion so for once I needed to comment.

Love, a fan

Renata said...

I really appeciate everyones feedback so thank you so much for writing and being honest with your opinion - I'm still open to playing around with the palettes and having fun - I do love autumns rich, earthy shades!!! Thanks again!!!

Janette said... seem to sear all things *well*... but I have to say I dont like the lipstick on you...its too flat/matte/chalky/light...dont know what but I feel its not right and I have seen you in much much more polished lippies my friend....The eye shadow does however rate up there with the good looks x

Anonymous said...

I find the combination of watm orange blush and barbie pink lips very unsettling, but that purplish liner around your eyes is quite nice, although not as blended as I would have liked. Was she in a rush?

I'm looking for purples for my own green eyes. They always look so bad against my coppery skin, but that one might be better. What colour did she use?

Renata said...

Hi Anonymous,
I love the eye makeup that was used on me - the lipcolour looks a lot better in real life vs the camera shot. In terms of the makeup used on the eyes" Bellissima duo eyeshadow (the deepest shade in the crease/outer corners),Burbon street liner smudged with Lulu and Bali shadow used on the brows! I think that if you really want to make your green eyes pop, you will definitely love the Lulu eyeshadow!!!

Margo said...

Renata, I also don't like the lipstick on you especially in combination with this too warm blush shade. I agree you look better with your True Autumn makeup products. Love red lipsticks on you. But at the same time I understand your wish to try something new.