Saturday, February 4, 2012

My Naked Face

Sometimes its difficult to try and take an accurate photograph of what you look like - often lighting, flash and natural discolouration affect a photograph.  I have a basic Nikon Coolpix digital camera and I'm generally really happy with it.  THis morning I was getting ready to go to my makeup class and had done my hair and put on my outfit for that day.  We don't wear makeup to our class because part of our experience and learning is applying makeup to others in the class. SInce I wasn't wearing any makeup and the natural light was just 'beaming' from the window in my room, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to get a few good photos of my natural face (Sans Makeup).  I think this is the most natural and accurate representation of what my natural face looks like:

I was also able to get a good close up of my eye:

So this is it - My NAKED face!  I think its clear from this photo that I'm definitely neutral skintoned leaning warm - my eyes have that soft/muddy quality with amber flecks (my eyes often change colour and if you ask 5 different people what my eye-colour is, you'll get 5 different responses - another common trait amoungst the soft colour types).  Today in my makeup class I discovered that the sheer gold and bronze shades really accentuate my eyes well and that a muted, soft apricot/peach shade is an amazing blush colour - I am gaining a lot of knowledge from this course already - I'm really loving it!!!

I also decided to do a little experiment and compare my natural lipcolour to the soft autumn swatches - I'm loving the harmony that is so obvious:

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